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Are you ready to move closer towards your vision, goals and dreams?

Hello and welcome beautiful and powerful women!

With over 30 years of real-world, proven, and successful corporate experience, I bring my leadership skills, life experiences, and wisdom to share them generously and graciously with you. I’m passionate to help you transform to live the life you knew you were really meant to live.

Having a stellar career yet exhausted from trying to outperform and constantly prove my self-worth was exhausting. You see, I thought I had it all... except true pleasure and fulfillment!

I used to think happiness and success were about achieving, being productive, accepted, accomplishing, and DOING. I was not living in my true purpose. I was not being authentic.

After years of self-development work, coaching, life lessons, pain, joy, and growth, I’ve learned how to overcome it. I’ve been there. Today, I’m deeply passionate to guide other women reach the same place of deep authenticity, success, pleasure, flow, and purpose that I enjoy. I want this for you, which is why I have founded Susan Elizabeth ® Coaching! 

Allow me to introduce myself and share my journey….

Susan Elizabeth

“You become what you believe”

Does any of this sound familiar?

If this resonates with you, you understand that being exhausted, stuck, and not knowing how to slow down is how one becomes disconnected from self.

Over time, I have learned how to live and be in my true nature while bringing in the masculine aspect that I’ve so well developed in my career, to support my feminine true self. I have joined the two together to create a wonderful harmony and live life with ease and flow.

Does this sound appealing to you? 

Would you like to learn the secrets of living a truly fulfilling and balanced lifestyle?

I have learned to redefine success and live in alignment with my values every single day, while being connected to my vision, desires, dreams and myself, and knowing how to move forward. Everything feels softer... yet simultaneously stronger.

My passion runs deep with desire in guiding other women to reach this same place of powerful authenticity. As women, we are the transformers of our lives and feelings.

Are you ready to live authentically, balance things beautifully, and lead powerfully?

I would be honored to guide you on this journey.