There are two types of women in the world: 

Those who make things happen and those who let life happen to them.

Which one are you?

Let me ask you...

Are you ready to live an extraordinary life on your terms?

Are you craving to live your deepest dreams and desires while making a commitment to invest in your exceptional self?   

Are you yearning to create something in your life that only a few others are able to?

If you answered yes and are a woman craving transformation and movement forward towards manifesting your best and biggest life; these offerings are for you!

The journey we embark on together is how real transformational growth happens while having the support and guidance from a mentor who is a Certified Professional Life Coach, combined with decades of real-life experience and wisdom.

No matter where you are in life, I have offerings to activate your full potential and higher purpose!

STRATEGY session

with SUSAN

A Strategy Session is a unique and personalized journey where you have the opportunity to have 1:1 help and personal guidance with me for your specific goals, desires, or your challenges as a woman who wants more fulfillment, better alignment, balance, and a strategy.

During the session you'll answer questions while we discuss what you have tried and what has or hasn’t worked, and what you specifically want to achieve and why. This will be in addition to working through your dreams, desires, goals and challenges.

Together, we’ll create a specific strategy and a step-by-step action plan for you by the end of the 45 minute session.

You'll walk away with tips, guidance, support and next steps. I’ll be making recommendations using my real-world experience, coaching skills, wisdom and knowledge.

If you want to have a specific challenge worked on or would like to talk through some things because you’re unclear, we can dive into that. It’s 45 minutes of YOU time: walking away with juicy guidance, a strategy and an action plan so you can have clarity, confidence, a clear path forward with action steps to take towards your dreams, goals, desires or challenges.

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private One-on-One
Life Coaching

with Susan, Founder of Susan Elizabeth® Coaching

By finding your way here, you have made a powerful and significant choice to begin coaching. 

My deeply rooted passion is working with clients like you who truly want a better life with more fulfillment, better balance, or even a different process for accomplishing your goals and dreams. I am here to support you while transforming your life!

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Successful, Powerful AND Feminine One-on-One Life Coaching

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with Susan of Susan Elizabeth ® Coaching

This high-end elite program is open to ONLY a few exclusive women who are ready to fully pursue the extraordinary life that they know they are destined for! Please apply to be considered.

Want to continue to get acquainted?

 I invite you into 

A Weekly Private Group Life Coaching Session

Susan’s Secret Society

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If you are not ready to work with me one on one quite YET, please look through my course offerings.

RIPE, WILD and FIERCE ® and Secrets of Savoir Faire Living are self study courses, which lay the groundwork for living an extraordinary life and a life you love, on your terms!