UNLEASHED is The Ultimate Guide to Unleashing Your Power, Pleasure and Purpose

It’s your intimate guide to unlocking your feminine power, reclaiming your worth, and embodying the sensual goddess you truly are!

I wrote this book because I’ve spent decades in a male-dominated career, having to navigate speaking my truth and society’s expectations of a powerful professional woman. I struggled to claim my worth with constantly needing to prove myself. After years of study and intentional practice, I’ve transformed my mess into a message and I want to share it with you - to inspire your greatness, your worthiness, and your freedom to be your most authentic, joyful, successful, and wholehearted self. 


This book was written especially for women who:

Feel unfulfilled...like the life they are living is not the life they imagined...

Believe they have a softer feminine side but don’t know how to embrace it without appearing weak…

Don’t have enough time to indulge in moments of beauty to truly enjoy life because they are too wrapped up in proving they belong…

Can’t find balance in their life no matter what they do, even though they know how important it is...

Have done everything they could to be “successful” without actually living their dreams…

Are looking to UNLEASH their powerful inner goddess - today!

Are you ready to awaken your inner goddess, reclaim your worth as a woman and UNLEASH your sensual female power? 

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A few secrets I am going to reveal!

How to embrace vulnerability as an asset

How to feel empowered as your true self

How to live your life unconditionally

How to choose thoughts that serve you

How to use your voice

How to embrace both the masculine and feminine to create balance

How to UNLEASH your exquisite uniqueness

You will also discover more secrets within the book that will help you embody the divine woman you genuinely are today!