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11 Things I Did that Changed My Life

I’ve spent years investing in my personal development… learning, growing and becoming the woman I am today.  I want to share with you 11 things I have done that changed my life for the better.  Only 11?  I actually have many more, but I picked these top 11 and I hope these inspire you!

01.  Become the woman your younger self wanted you to be.

02.  Yesterday’s stress and negativity doesn’t exist anymore so don’t let your mind keep it alive today.

03.  Your body is your lifetime, sacred vessel.  Honor her by sleeping, nourishing her well and moving her.  

04.  By saying no to others and what you don’t want – you are saying yes to YOU!

05.  Taking action is the key to transformation.

06.  When you stop settling and stop tolerating, you’ll trade anger, resentment and frustration for joy, harmony and peace.  

07.  Discover that making choices through pleasure… your life instantly becomes more joyful, aligned and delicious.

08.  Remember that what others think of you is actually none of your business.

09.  Own your past, you can’t change it.  Because when you do, you get to write your own version AND ending to that story and tell it the way YOU want to.  

10.  Best way to be miserable?  Compare yourself to others.  There is only one you, and you are a gift as unique as someone else.

11.  Became a Women’s Transformational Coach.  Best. Decision. Ever.  Seeing my clients faces light up becoming healthy, wealthy, joyful and happy as I witness their journey of transformation to the life, they knew they could have had been life-changing for me as well.

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