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Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose?

“If you can’t figure out your life purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” ~ Bishop T.D. Jakes

Do you know what your life purpose is? And if not, how to find it?

I share some empowering questions I offer my coaching clients and the journey I take them on for how to discover or deepen their life purpose. And, why it’s important to discover your unique life purpose.

For us a women, I think the worst thing would be to get to the end of our lives, look back and wonder if we got it all wrong. Or we missed out on doing what we really came here to do.

I want to share one or two here and I invite you to listen to the episode for a more in-depth conversation about finding your life purpose.

I also have a mind-blowing tool that is so super easy that I have any client and woman fill in that really lights them up with clarity on their path and purpose. It’s magical!

I want to share that with you, and if you want to know book a free chat with me, I can help you!

But a few things I like to talk with my coaching clients / or share with them to think about:

• Your life purpose is not always about what you do, it can also be about who you are being.
• What clients really want is a deeper meaning to life and a sense of purpose and value.
• So, I help my clients deeper connect with who they are, their passions, who they really want to be and the life they really want to live.
• It’s about creating a vision, clarifying, and defining more in their lives.

A few questions I’ll let you in on that I like to ask are:

• What do you have to offer?
• What would you love to do if nothing held you back?
• What gives you meaning each day?
• What inspires you and brings you joy?
• What pisses you off?

Your answers gives me and you insights that lead to the path of your divine purpose!

Sending you an abundance of love,


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