5 Simple Shifts to Live in Alignment with Your True Self

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Let me ask you...

Do you embody what is your birthright to have success, abundance, and feel love, pleasure, joy, and freedom?

Are you living as the remarkable, high value woman you truly are, designing and showing up for your one beautiful life?

Are you ready to discover your true purpose and make a bigger impact?

Are you ready to transform your life as the feminine woman who lives authentically and in her strengths? 


I'm SusAn Elizabeth

I choose to show up for and design my own life. Then I wait and look for the adventure life lays it out before me. I play. I celebrate. I trust in the process from the Universe as it provides support to me along my journey and the path of my creation.

I am powerful and mysterious, living fully in my creativity and desires daily. I use my artistry to create beautiful relationships, luxurious experiences and a well-lived life.

I am a woman unafraid to speak my truth and to feel fully all of my emotions, unapologetically. I take a stand for what I believe in and rise for those who need support and avail from others. I help give a voice to the voiceless, release the shame that veils so many of us, so that we can shine our light as the women we are here to be and live the life we were meant to live.

I not only do this for myself, but for my clients.

I guide you to remember who you really are.

I believe in the feminine artistry, the right as women to adorn, accept and enjoy our beautiful body, a beautiful life and a beautiful home. To house decoration for the self and surroundings, nourishing foods to feed my body, and soulful connections to feed the spirit.

I have a permission slip to fall apart, cry wildly and abandon myself momentarily. You see, as a woman, I can create whatever I want. I will not ask for permission and I will feel what I want, choosing a better and different emotion after I move through my pain, transforming it into comfort and solace.

As women, we are the transformers of our lives and our feelings, and we often forget this and feel disempowered. I remember and practice daily that I am powerful, feminine and that I AM enough.

I cultivate my innate gifts for myself and for my sisterhood, using them in service to others. I inspire women to unleash their feminine worth and beauty, to recognize the extraordinary women we really are, so we can live a life rich with passion, worth and pleasure.

I take a stand for myself and for all women.

This is my mission, and my promise is that I will help YOU live beautifully + lead powerfully!

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) *

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) *

COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist *

Doctorate in Metaphysical Science (MSc.D.)

REIKI Master

Best Selling Author

Host of Top Rated Podcast

*iPEC is the world renowned Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

Not only is being a woman enough, it is the key to everything!


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In every episode, you will receive valuable tools and will take you through the process of embracing your feminine strength! Let's embark on the journey of UNLEASHING your feminine power!!

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susan elizabeth

My Promise To You

I believe in the wealth of the soul, which embodies beauty and the divine feminine.

As women, we must experience expansive elevation, deep love, connection and a deep sense of purpose.

Making no apology about deserving passion, seeking pleasure, indulgence and delight!

Personal power comes from being RIPE, WILD and FIERCE® while also knowing that we’re safe and secure.

Choosing to live a life filled with high standards when it comes to the quality and integrity of life and endeavors.

Are you ready to make this promise to yourself and stand firm in your beliefs?

"Susan has been the best life coach I have had to date! She has a naturally empathetic way of connecting with her clients that from the get-go that made me feel extremely comfortable. Not only have I been able to move through so many internal blocks in my sessions with her, but I have also been able to gain a lot of clarity. She has helped me re-connect with the confidence that allowed me to launch my own coaching business. This experience has truly changed my life in a good way forever and I have Susan to thank for that!"

"Susan is such a treasure! I have been Susan’s Life Coach for 16 years, and in that time, I have witnessed her growth, evolution, power and beauty that has emerged. From the beginning of our work together, she has been open, eager to grow, genuine and courageous. She walks the talk, lives her values and is not afraid to ask the tough questions for herself in every part of her life.

When Susan decided to become a Life Coach herself, I was beyond thrilled and excited. She has the perfect background to empower others— as she has been a coaching client herself so can show compassion, experience, trust and tenacity. Susan has done the work, and is now ready to bring her wisdom, authority, spirituality, authenticity, leadership and huge desire to make women and the world a better place. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Susan… you will gain more than you could possibly imagine."

"Working with Susan as my life and leadership coach has been incredibly powerful for me as a busy and successful entrepreneur, and as a woman. Susan is very honest with me; she holds no judgement, and she is an incredible listener. I learned the power of coaching, as she is amazing at reflecting back to me whatever I share so I can have clarity. She then has an extraordinary ability to probe gently to get underneath to the true root. She helps move me forward with whatever I need.

Susan is deeply giving, she is passionate for my highest good, my happiness and my success, and I can highly recommend her as an extraordinary coach for any woman to work with for her personal and professional endeavors."

"Susan is a powerful coach. In our journey together she’s coached me through tough issues such as parenting in a pandemic, divorce, cancer, spiritual journey, career transition and the pursuit of a truly happy life. Susan is kind, deep, empathetic, emotionally engaged and completely non-judgmental. She asks powerful questions and holds the space to find the answers within. I would recommend Susan to anyone looking to tap into their inner purpose and passion to connect with their outer goals and dreams to bring about extraordinary and sustainable change in their life."

"Susan deeply cares about helping women find their true selves, be it in their confidence, in finding their authentic selves or in their professional goals. She has a very powerful yet calm presence and with her strong background and experience in dealing with the corporate world and top executives, she can give expert consultation and advice to enhance her clients' lives dramatically. She is also an advanced speaker who can command a room and inspire others to take action!"

"Susan’s RIPE, WILD and FIERCE course was awe-inspiring! She guided me towards higher levels of acceptance of myself, much more peace in my life and... hope! I genuinely recommend it for any woman, the investment in yourself is priceless."

"I just finished RIPE, WILD and FIERCE and honestly all I keep thinking is WOW!!! When I started this course I honestly had no idea what or even if I would gain anything from it, but it has blown me away.

Susan's knowledge and insight is not only brilliant, but it is also very inspiring. Her words, advice and personal stories are truly empowering and have made me step back and look at my life as a woman in a while new perspective. I highly recommend this to women of all ages!"

"Susan’s RIPE, WILD and FIERCE course has enriched my life. It has helped me think about new ways to plan the rest of my life. What I want it to look like, and how I want to feel. I retired from a Fortune 500 company and thought I was comfortable creating art, playing pickleball and traveling. But now because of her course I can look at my future and enrich my life’s plan.

Susan is authentic, transparent and courageous in sharing her life experiences. She is a true guide and teacher who shows us how to make better choices and explore new pathways for women’s success and freedom. This course is for all ages."

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