The Secrets of Truly Powerful Women

5 Simple Shifts to Transform False Power into True Power Without Sacrificing Your Authenticity

Leading Women’s Transformational Coach and Soul-Purpose Activator, Susan Elizabeth presents...

At any given moment we are living or leading from one of two places...

True Power... or False Power

Underneath each of these two different types of power is your “why”, or your reason for living in true power or in false power.    

By identifying how YOU are currently showing up in false power, you can become aware and use guidance to shift into true power. And I show you how. You can also delight in the areas you’re already living and leading from your true power. Congratulations!   

As women, we are living our full rich lives, running our households, running companies, creating in our careers, managing, raising families, taking action, participating in hobbies or desires, interacting with others, planning, serving, and working hard.

We may be living in toxic over-working, over-serving, and over-giving which leaves us overwhelmed, exhausted, burned out, stuck, or even angry... our FALSE POWER.

At times, our confidence may be suffering, we may be reactionary because of our frustration or anger, or we may be people pleasing and not powerfully saying no because of our blurred boundaries.

We are trying to get it all done by proving ourselves to everyone and everything outside of us, thinking we can’t fail others. But to what expense? We want to be seen and valued for what we do, getting it all done, working hard, and proving our worth.  

Do we even know what true femme power really is?

I offer insights and guidance for rising into your true femme power, and how to transform and shift from the old stinking false power into true divine femme power.


And, when we stop and think...

Breaking free from overwhelm, chronic exhaustion, and power plays as you become an empowered woman rising into her true power. Because you know how.

Ditching anxiety, over-working, over-working, and over-giving by shifting into a confident woman knowing rising into her true power and speaking her truth while setting healthy boundaries assuredly saying “no” like it was as easy as a silk.

Understanding that confidence is an emotion created by our thoughts, which comes from the belief in your abilities and trusting yourself. And that you can choose more powerful thoughts that serve you to unleash your innate true power and confidence.

Know that femme power is owning who you authentically are and living in your innate “beingness” as a woman. It’s being known for who you are not just what you do, and that is GOLD.

Burning the old belief (and it’s not our fault!) that we have to “just work harder” to get it all done and to be validated and shift to create time for pleasure and play so you feel refreshed and energized to do more of what you love. Femme Powerhouse!

Shatter what other’s expectations are and what they think and shift into a radiant, powerful woman who clearly knows what her soul wants and isn’t afraid to live and lead in alignment with her truth.

It’s time to rise into your sacred femme power, pleasure, and confidence, and reclaim your worth, sanity, and JOY.

Your mindset is the only limitation, darling!

You’ll Receive...

A 31-page guide:

“The Secrets of Truly Powerful Women” which defines the 5 areas of True Power and False Power then reveals the secrets for how to shift into true power to have powerful presence, more confidence, clarity, balance, joy, $$$, ease, and flow.

A powerful healing meditation:

Rich healing audio meditation to help you shift from False Power to True Power and activate your innate feminine strength while leaving you refreshed.

Bonus - two free videos:
Unleashing Your Innate Power and Confidence video
  • Confidence is an emotion created by your thoughts.  It  comes from the belief in your abilities and trusting yourself.  Innate power gives you commanding presence, leverages your leadership, and unleashes your confidence so you can have unlimited influence with ease and flow.

Feminine Power video
  • Feminine power is owning who you authentically are and living in your truth as a high-value woman.  It's being known for not only what you do, but more importantly WHO YOU ARE.  I share what it is and how to do it in this video; you don’t want to miss this!