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Want to Own the Room?

“A Queen knows how to build her empire with the same stones that were thrown at her.” ~ unknown

Want to Own the Room - queen

Queen energy is powerful and when we embody the queen aspects, we can more powerfully lead and live an extraordinary life.

Any woman can learn how to embody the Queen energy. Let me share with you some aspects of them so you can try them on for any you don’t have just yet. Queen energy is feminine strength:

• She knows who she is and embodies her femininity.
• She is ambitious, determined, empowered and leads and inspires others.
• She owns her power and does not give it away.
• She faces obstacles and overcomes them, doing it scared anyway.
• She knows her worth and speaks her truth with love and power.
• She takes advice from other experts and surrounds herself with others’ support.
• She doesn’t conform, but she listens.
• She is not afraid to be alone and knows she needs time for herself.
• She doesn’t need approval or permission.
• She can rule with a King at her side, or not. As long as he supports her.
• She wears her crown. Even the invisible one.
• She communicates with clarity and confidence.

We have the Queen energy within each of us. It’s really about empowerment and feminine sovereignty. We women, we create our life experiences and make bold decisions, just like the Queen.

So, three questions for you:

• How does the Queen show up for you?

• What are some of the energies you want more of in your life?

• What is one very next step you’ll take right now that will enable you to embody more of that Queen energy you desire?

On this week’s episode I share about Queen energy so you can own the room.

Sending you an abundance of love,


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