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5 Pain Points Women Face & 5 Solutions

I’ve come across 5 common pain points many women face in my mentoring and coaching over the years which I list out below.  

There are others beyond these like wealth creation, love & connection in relationships, and how to step more deeply into purpose and spirituality.  

But for today’s newsletter, I wanted to give you 5 common pain points that come up for most women and some tips to help. Which ones below do you experience?  

Transforming these 5 from stressors into steppingstones towards a more balanced and beautiful life is what we’re after.

1. Lack of Time

You often feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to balance work, family and self-care. You’re racing against the clock, trying to fit 36 hours into 24. Then, “replay every day”. Self-care seems like a luxury there’s just no time for. But it is life-changing if you do prioritize it! (And you know if you do or don’t). Because in a world that often asks you to be everything to everyone, it’s easy to feel stretched thin. 

Solution: Quality Over Quantity

– Efficient Routines. Embrace multi-tasking beauty products that work while you tackle other tasks or put yourself on your calendar for time to do the things your feminine craves.

– Time Blocking. Dedicate “micro-sessions” of blocking time to do things for yourself including self-care. Even 5-10 minutes of focused activity can be rejuvenating.

2. Overwhelming Stress

High levels of responsibility at work and / or at home can lead to chronic stress. Stress can be a constant companion [sigh] and its toll is written on your body and mind manifesting as sleep disturbances, burnout, premature aging and eventually health issues. I know this one well because I’ve had all these things until I learned to not just manage stress but act like the CEO of stress.

Solution: Stress-Busting Strategies

– STOP and Time Out. Engage in daily brief mindfulness exercises, such as deep breathing, to center yourself. STOP, walk away and end the cycle of stress in the moment. Many don’t know how to STOP when things get busy, we just keep working harder to fix things.

– Physical Activity. Incorporate short bursts of physical activity. A quick walk or a 10-minute yoga session can work wonders.

3. Neglected Self-Care

Caught in the cycle of caring for everyone else, your own needs are often the last on the list.  External demands are always there, and personal care takes a backseat. This neglect can lead to decreased self-esteem and dissatisfaction with appearance and overall well-being.

Solution: Intentional Self-Care

– Non-Negotiable Time. Mark out time in your calendar for self-care as you would any important appointment.

– Small Pleasures. Identify small, daily acts of self-care that bring you joy and integrate them into your routine.

4. Confusion Over Beauty and Health Choices

The market is flooded with health, wellness and beauty products promising miraculous results. It can feel overwhelming with all the choices and not knowing what and who’s brand to trust. 

Solution: Informed Simplicity

– Curated Advice. Seek out reputable sources for beauty and wellness advice, tailoring your choices to what genuinely suits your needs and lifestyle. Ask women you trust or seek out a specialist about their recommendations.

– Simplicity in Routine. Focus on foundational aspects of care — good sleep, nutrition, hydration, and a simplified wellness and beauty routine that works for you.

5. Guilt Associated with Self-Investment – Embracing Your Worth

Sometimes, women feel guilty spending time or resources on themselves, perceiving it as selfish or less critical compared to other responsibilities. Or they think they can just keep doing the self-development on their own but it’s not getting the results they deserve.

Investing in yourself sometimes feels like a luxury you feel guilty for considering. It’s time to shift that.

Solution: Shift Your Mindset

– Understand Your Value. Recognize that investing in yourself benefits not just you but everyone around you.  You’ll finally have the shifts you deserve.

– Shared Self-Care. Involve friends or family in your self-care routines, turning them into shared, guilt-free activities.

Each day is a new chance to prioritize your well-being and beauty, inside and out. These solutions are not just answers to challenges but affirmations of your worth.

As you implement these strategies, watch as your life transforms, not into one free from challenges, but one where you navigate them with grace, strength, and a deep sense of your own value.

With warmth and support,



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