5 Secrets of a Luxe Lifestyle we can Learn from the French

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5 Secrets of a Luxe Lifestyle we can Learn from the French

5 Secrets of a Luxe Lifestyle we can Learn from the French - The Art of Pleasure

When I lived in Paris, and through my many visits to France over the years, I’ve always been in awe of the French luxe feminine lifestyle and bring a tiny part of it home each time with me. I’m also reminded daily of the French “way” of life by being married to a French man. So, I wanted to share 5 secrets I’ve learned from the French with you, which contribute to the lifestyle that I love.

1. Say “Non” with grace.

We’ve been raised to say yes and to please people! Not French women. Saying “No” (“Non,” for them) is healthy, and you avoid being taken advantage of, allowing you to be in your truth for what YOU want. Having healthy boundaries is what the French do so very well. At first, it can be irritating for others to be told no over and over. But don’t worry: When you truly understand the French way, it’s honorable to understand that time is a luxury, leading to a pleasurable lifestyle, and that getting your needs met based on your own desires is healthy.

2. The Art of Pleasure.

The French do SO well by living in the moment and enjoying what pleases them! They prioritize pleasure – daily. Tiny gems like desserts, cups of coffee, strolling the streets, lovely perfume, enjoying themselves, relaxing, dining, and participating in the art of conversation. By being in their senses and indulging in what pleases them, they experience so much more joy, gratification, and success. By practicing patience, having simplicity, and enjoying life by sharing the art of pleasure, as women, we’ll participate in designing our lives the way WE want to.

3. The Art of Discretion.

French women don’t overshare. They generally don’t exhibit “bling-bling” or being “showy.” French women demonstrate allure, intrigue, and being fascinating, which they do very well. And they generally do not talk loudly or shout out in public. They practice the art of discretion at dinner parties, with friends, at work, or in public. Don’t give away too much. 

4. Natural Beauty and Self Love.

French women really play up their assets. They are secure in who they are, focus on their beauty and strengths, and work with who they are. They believe in exquisite self-care, investing in the latest potions for their skin, and time for facials or spa remedies. They are so chic and savvy, embodying the art of the feminine. But they don’t overdo their makeup or go for tons of plastic surgery, working instead with nature’s gifts and doing little things along the way to play up their best features.  

5. Healthy Eating.

French women don’t diet. They enjoy decadent patisseries (pastries); just look at all the beautiful little patisseries stores around when you visit that country. Enjoying a small dessert and having a few bites of something sweet is a luxurious way to experience absolute pleasure and joy. They don’t overdo it; they participate in not depriving themselves but know the art of restraint. I read a statistic somewhere that any more than 3 bites of something is unneeded for the pleasure of the dessert. They also shop locally and invest in nutritious food for their bodies and souls. They aim to feel good, and nourishing food is the best way to honor their bodies.

So, to the French, I say, “Merci!” Now, go indulge in some “joie de vivre” in your life as well!!!

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