7 Ways to Increase Your Feminine Energy

I guide women to elevate their feminine strength, unleash their gifts, and become themselves fully through the art of innate power, confidence, and awakening their potential. 

7 Ways to Increase Your Feminine Energy

7 Ways to Increase Your Feminine Energy - Prioritize pleasure

How many of us have felt depleted, burned out, and overwhelmed? We’ve given our energy to everyone else and put ourselves second, or even… last? We’ve expanded our reserves on our partners, our children, our careers, our extended family, our errands, our “to-do” lists, and our household. 

The answer? All of us. 

But there is another way… and it isn’t our fault.

I’m sharing seven ways to increase your feminine energy so you can experience relief, ease and flow, more harmony, and more joy in your lives. Why? Because when we do this for ourselves, we feel better, and we’re better for it, not just for ourselves but for our lives and others.  

I call it feminine energy, and I’m sharing how you can increase it. We’ve abandoned our feminine state of “being” to a state of “doing,” which is very masculine. And why wouldn’t we? Our society rewards masculine energy financially, emotionally, and with praise. But feminine energy is so vital for balance. It’s creative, intuitive, connective, receptive, and “being” energy.

When you embrace it, you’ll be more successful and connected, experience more ease and flow, and welcome more harmony and joy in your life.

7 Ways to Increase Your Feminine Energy

Here are seven powerful ways to increase your feminine energy:

  1. Make yourself a priority and put yourself first daily.  
  1. Prioritize pleasure. Connect with your senses and to what pleases you. Enjoy that cup of coffee or tea, the time with your animal on your lap, listening to music with the candle beside you, offering a delightful scent. Visit an art museum or indulge in that one piece of chocolate slowly. Or take time to meditate or just to “be.” And, when you can learn how to “be,” you’ll be present in the present moment and show up more fully for your life and whoever or whatever is right in front of you without worrying about the future or thinking about the past.
  1. Move and “be” more in your body. You’ll connect your body, heart, soul, and mind. When we are out of our heads and more present in our hearts and bodies, it’s a natural feminine state that will offer more groundedness and flow. It’s fun!
  2. Give yourself the gift of time. Rest and recharge yourself through pampering and exquisite self-care. Weekly, if not daily. You probably know how to do this, so take the time right now.
  1. Design yourself into your calendar daily. Place yourself on and into your calendar even if you have to make your appointments with yourself “private” so nobody else sees them. Block off time for you. When you book meetings and appointments, learn to schedule yourself ahead of time into your week and days.
  1. Love yourself. Yes, fully love yourself as a woman. All. Of. You. Right now. It’s a decision. You are good enough, beautiful enough, and altogether enough.  
  1. Listen to your intuition and be creative. It is a gift we all have! Pay attention to it! You all know what I’m talking about here. It’s the times we didn’t listen to our intuition, and we know it, where something fell through.  

So, what is the very first step you’re going to take to increase your feminine energy? Take action; that’s the very next step after becoming aware. As a life coach, I’m all about the forward movement and taking action because I know it works.

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