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A Resilient Woman…

I was scrolling through some old journal entries in my office last night. 

It’s surreal to recognize the woman I am now with the woman I once was…

That woman had countless dreams but “worked hard” to pursue them. She viewed failures as the final stop, not as detours on the journey to success. 

She saw herself as someone who had to keep up with the world… constantly stressed, working hard, and burned out.

She carried an unnecessary burden of perfection, thinking it protected her from criticism, but it only added to her fear of failure.  That was me.

Many things have contributed to my transformation, but there’s one thing that stands out when I think about who I’ve become.

I am a resilient woman. 

I’ve learned to find purpose.

I’ve sauntered into slowing down.

I’ve fostered wellness.

I’ve learned to embrace healthy thoughts that serve me.

I’ve learned to ask for support and receive it.

If you decided from now on that you would always approach challenges with courage and resilience, what would that look like for you?

Decide that you’re capable to withstand, adapt and recover quickly from difficulties.   You’re an amazing woman with such capability for what you dream of.   Know this.  Celebrate her!



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