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Are you Deeply Nourished?

I want to talk about something close to my heart, a question that has been on my mind lately: Are you nourished?

When I say “nourished,” I don’t just mean in the physical sense, though that’s important too. 

I’m talking about the nourishment of our souls, our minds, and our hearts. In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget to take a moment for ourselves, to check in and see if we’re truly feeling fulfilled.

  • Are you feeding your passions? 
  • Are you giving yourself the love and care you give to others? 
  • Are you allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to connect deeply with those around you, and to build trust?

I was lacking in this department.  So…. Guess what I did?  I recently embarked on a 7-day journey of radical intimacy, where I learned the importance of welcoming every part of myself, the good and the challenging, combined with deep, nourishing rest.  It was a transformative experience, and I want to inspire each of you to take a moment to reflect on what nourishment truly means to you.

As women, we often nourish our children, our homes, our pets, our “To Do” list, our family members, and our colleagues… while we may not prioritize deeply nourishing ourselves.  

The more we can invest in ourselves, the more we have to give to the things and people we love, or the things that matter most.  

Just as a plant needs the sunlight, water, right environment, and care to thrive, so do we. 

So, this week, design some time in to seek nourishment for yourself, to flourish and bloom in what matters most to you.  

Deeply nourished,



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