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Embracing Vulnerability. It became my Superpower.

For me… being vulnerable as a woman and leader was excruciating!  

I spent years abandoning my feminine and running away from myself in my corporate career.  Until I couldn’t run anymore…

I was exhausted and wearing a suit of armor, hiding any ounce or trace of vulnerability because I was terrified [and I didn’t even know it].  

  • Terrified of being judged as weak, or emotional.  
  • Or even not perceived as capable in my leadership position in a male-dominated environment.

When I finally woke up and did the work to overcome my mindset and limiting beliefs, I freed myself of the blocks holding me back and unleashed my most successful life ever.  It became my superpower.  

  • I magnetically and unapologetically was able to be myself and embrace and share my feelings, thoughts and vison with ease.  
  • I was able to connect with others on a deeper level. 
  • I was not exhausted and had more energy because I wasn’t hiding underneath a protective layer.  

In authentic and powerful leadership, where vulnerability is often seen through a lens of courage, embracing it in leadership can be challenging.  However, here are 5 secrets for successfully embodying it:

1. Vulnerability, Your Hidden Superpower🗡️

While vulnerability might be entwined with perceptions of feminine weakness, especially in women who are leaders, it’s also the secret ingredient to having authentic connections and building trust in our workspaces.  So, imagine… recognizing your openness not as a flaw, but as a superpower that nurtures psychological safety and empowers teams!

2. Walking the Emotional Tightrope🎪

The scrutiny on women in the professional world can be intense, with emotional expressions being labeled differently for men and women.  But our emotional latitude is a testament to our strength, not a limitation.

3. Unlocking the Power of Openness🔓

Vulnerability is not about exposure but a divine portal to new ideas, positive changes, and risks that propel growth. It’s about being neuroplastic, capable of bonding, connecting, and nurturing innovative ideas and relationships in the workplace.

4. Modeling Vulnerability in Leadership🚀

Consider weaving vulnerability into your communications. Simple check-ins during meetings or sharing on a scale of how you’re feeling can model vulnerability without feeling overly exposed. It signals that it’s okay to have challenging days and to seek help when needed.  

I used to start my meetings with this:  “One word opener… HOW are you feeling in this moment?”.   It was powerful when I would watch the room of management get present and check in with themselves.

5. Your Authentic Self 🌺

Your authentic self is your most potent self.  Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or shattering glass ceilings, know this: “The further you go up the ladder, the more you live life, the more you have no excuse not to show up as yourself.”

So, with that, continue to break molds, challenge norms, and lead with our authentic, vulnerable selves, creating workplaces and workspaces where everyone feels safe to be their true selves, including YOU.

To authentic leadership,



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