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Feeling Stuck or Overwhelmed? A Solution!!!

Feeling stuck? Or overwhelmed? Here is a solution…

When I coach my clients, I often offer them a reframe when I notice they feel stuck or need a shift in perspective. It’s a way to look at things differently and one of the tools we use in coaching.  

Let me give you an example.  

One of the amazing women I was coaching was feeling very overwhelmed, stating things like “I have to do this”, “there is so much on my plate” and continued stating all the things that were overwhelming her, all the things she needed to do, not having enough time, not having enough resources, and not having the energy or knowing how to do it differently, literally melting down in front of me.  

I held space for her, supported her and asked her to start to shift her thinking. I asked her to choose some new thoughts like “I get to do this” or “I choose to” or “there is no hurry” or “I have a full, rich life and I CHOOSE to…” I asked her to start to think about changing her thoughts.

And think about this; everyone is given the exact same amount of time. Some people have very busy lives and know how to navigate through while others melt down in anxiety and stress trying to work hard to overcome and manage their lives. It’s the mindset and thoughts they choose that is the biggest enabler of peace and flow, coupled with some planning and organizing.

(And it’s not your fault if you feel this way! You may just need some support and 

guidance about this.)

When you can learn to shift your thoughts and mindset with a reframe, it turns the experience into a much better feeling. Don’t be distracted by your story in your mind. Change your story, reframe it to a new perspective.  

And yes, there are tactical things we can also do besides shift our mindset with a reframe like designing our day in the morning and designing your day with yourselves onto your calendar for “me time” (because you’re worth it!), along with prioritizing and chunking our days.

Let me help you, don’t wait another minute if you need it. So many of us as women don’t reach out to get the support we deserve.

Forward moving,



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