How to Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies

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How to Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies

We all have both aspects of masculine and feminine energy or in each one of us.  First, I’d like to describe each energy, so we have clarity about what aspect each one is.

Masculine energy is linear, “doing” type of energy.  It has an end point, it’s focused, it delivers, is supportive, disciplined, logical, and protective.  It’s an outward, directional energy.  It has clarity, is goal oriented, assertive, tangible, probable, concrete, giving, practical, and is a provider energy.

Feminine energy is intuitive, spiritual, circular, and more of a “being” versus “doing” energy.  It’s free, wild, grounded, receiving, reflective, creative, and trusting.  It’s also vulnerable, has flow and ease, is open, strong, has boundaries, radical empathy, connectivity, kindness, surrender, allowing, feeling, radiance, graceful, nurturing.  And it’s a transformer type of energy – take energy and transform it back out to world, think of a baby, type of energy.

We need both aspects as a part of our whole selves, and to be complete.  When we have too much of one energy or another, we’ll experience things in our lives that may be out of balance.  

For instance, when I step into my masculine energy and spend more time there, I become burned out, tired, stressed, I am working hard, and I’m in my “doing” and achieving state too much.  

When I live in my feminine energy too much, I may feel a little unfocused, circling and not driving to a decision, feeling a little scattered, and a bit like I’m not achieving something.   

How to Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies - Natural Feminine State

When I live in my natural feminine state, I live in my authenticity and creativity, my intuitiveness, my relaxed state, and my desires and pleasures.  Then, from that inspired state, I can then shift into taking inspired action from my masculine aspect, or energy, to make my desires and creative ideas a reality.  

This is the secret!  To understand who you are, and live in your natural, authentic “being” as a woman, and then be able to shift into and harness the qualities of the masculine aspects of yourself as you want to.  

But first, how we achieve balance between the two is that we need to have the conscious awareness of who we truly are, and the qualities of our energies.  We may feel like we need to develop some of these qualities more (which is perfectly fine!), or step back from some of the qualities into other areas of our energies.   It all starts with awareness.  

And then, developing the deep relationship with ourselves and really getting to know ourselves.  From there, the next step is living authentically in who we are so we can live in flow, ease, harmony, joy and love, and so many wonderful possibilities and potential. 

With the awareness of who we are and the different energies within us, we can then call upon what aspects, or energies within us, that we need to in order for us to do what we want or be who we want.  Make sense?  

For instance, I am a very creative woman, and when I live in my creativity, I live in flow, ease, joy, and feel unstoppable.  Then, when I want to put my thoughts into action, I step into taking inspired action to go make my ideas a reality through whatever path I desire to take.  I will set up an intention, plan and set a goal from my desire and creative idea, then take the very next step I can think of to move forward with passion, and a certain clarity.

I do not make my masculine energy wrong, and I do not make my feminine energy wrong. They both get a seat at the table, and work together in harmony like a partnership.  I know these two energies serve me well and I can weave back and forth between the two but live in my feminine essence.  

Listen, this did not happen overnight.  It took practice, intention, awareness, and time.  I played with the energies.  However, by understanding the two different energies and how to balance them, you can live your life with more awareness and more empowerment knowing you have a great capacity to pull different aspects of yourself to support you in whatever situation you are in.  Listen to your intuition if you’re not sure what to do.  Embrace and embody your authentic self, and love and embrace all of you.  It can serve you and your life so well!   

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