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How to Live in Your Values

What in the heck are our values? 

  • Values are our unique personal sets of beliefs. 
  • They are deeply personal, uniquely ours, and they guide our behaviors. 
  • You could say they are the motivators behind our actions and help me determine what is important to me.

When we live in our values, we experience harmony and live in alignment with ourselves. 

When we don’t live within our values, we make choices that may not align with our most authentic selves.

Everyone has unique values that they live by. I discovered my sacred values with the help of my life coach when I began my coaching journey, and I live in those values every day. 

These values guide me in all my decisions. 

They don’t change much over time but evolve as I grow.

When I ignored my values, my life was out of alignment. Learning more about my values offered me a deeper insight into making decisions and helped me figure out how to move forward harmoniously with who I am. 

It resulted in so much more direction, ease, and flow.

Here are some of my values:

  • Beauty & the Divine Feminine
  • Expansive Elevation (adventure, fun, play)
  • Deep Love
  • Being of Service
  • Passion/Pleasure/Indulgence/Delight
  • Purposeful Creating
  • “Worldly”
  • Liberation (Freedom)
  • “High Standards” (integrity, richness, quality)
  • Trust
  • Ripe, Wild & Fierce (personal power & strength)
  • Safety, Comfort & Security

I even created one of my courses, Ripe, Wild and Fierce™ around one of my values with the same name.

Intrigued?  I hope so!  

Until next time…

Sending you an abundance of deep love,



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