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How to Marry Your Masculine and Feminine Energies

“The rise of the Divine Feminine does not have to be at the expense of the Sacred Masculine. It is about the complete respect of the differences that the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine bring to the physical and spiritual union.” ~ Reena Kumarasingham

We all have both masculine and feminine energies inside ourselves. When we live authentically in our true nature and can use either energy out of choice, we live a more empowered life. 

In my corporate career, I built up my masculine energy so much and lived so deeply in it that I grew sick, exhausted, burned out, out of harmony, AND not truly happy in my life. I was not living in my authentic feminine divine self.

When I finally learned how to embrace my true nature as a woman and then have the capability and ability to CHOOSE when to step into my masculine energy, I was able to live in health, harmony, and balance and finally invite true love into my life.

I finally learned how to experience more flow and ease, more energy, more success, and a healthier body and mindset. 

Here are the masculine and feminine aspects within each of us:

  • Masculine energy is linear, has an endpoint, is focused, and “delivers.” It’s DOing, active energy, disciplined, logical, protective, offers security, outward in direction, goal-oriented, and assertive. It gets stuff done. 
  • Feminine energy is intuitive, spiritual, circular, BEing energy. It is free, wild, natural, grounded, receiving, and reflective. It is also creative, trusting, vulnerable, flowing, easing, radical empathy, connective, surrendering, feeling, radiance, graceful, and nurturing. Feminine energy transforms; it takes energy and converts it back to the world (ex: a baby!).

The secret is to become aware of these two beautiful energies within us and then determine where and how we are living within these two energies. Then, learn how to step into the energies and qualities of the masculine AT WILL and BY CHOICE.  

This can take time to practice, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Some of us have come to live in our masculinity, as I did for a long time, because of the circumstances or situations in which we THOUGHT we should live. We are probably dying to step back into our femininity and live in that authentic place. I know I did!

Some of us may need to develop masculine qualities and learn how to step into them more. I can teach you how!

Then, when we understand these two energies and can step into and out of them by choice, we become empowered, liberated, and powerful. 

Neither of these energies are “wrong,” meaning we must take care not to think of the feminine as weak, or disempowered, or see the masculine as obstinate or emotionless (for example.)

The key is to marry these two, live in harmony, and move back and forth between these energies at will and by choice. That is empowering!

Sending you an abundance of love,



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