How You Can Become a Powerful Feminine Leader

I guide women to elevate their feminine strength, unleash their gifts, and become themselves fully through the art of innate power, confidence, and awakening their potential. 

How You Can Become a Powerful Feminine Leader

When we stop trying to prove ourselves, always running, performing, and achieving, we can accomplish so much more from our natural state of feminine power with flow and grace. Here’s how:

How You Can Become a Powerful Feminine Leader - reading

Through belief in your abilities and the value you provide.

Yes, it’s that simple, but it can be super hard to do! Life teaches us to run around, perform, people please, be someone we are not, be a good team player, help everyone else, and put a smile on our faces while trying to make everything work out harmoniously. Exhausting and not authentic!

When we do this, we enable others to use us; we become the fix-it woman. We become burned out, overwhelmed, an emotional mess, not having our true needs met. Eventually, we experience health issues and realize we’re living a life that makes us unhappy. We may even experience unsatisfying relationships and sacrifice too much of ourselves.

As long as you believe, in your mind, that you need to do these things, you’ll never experience truly powerful and feminine leadership. And this isn’t just for women who are executives, leaders, or in management because I believe leadership is in everything from managing our health, our households, and our family to looking out for ourselves and even others.

So, it’s time for a mindset makeover and to start believing in your abilities and talents, stay in your authenticity as a woman, and trust that you add value in just being who you are. Offer ideas, not just solutions. End the second-guessing of your work, the worry, and fear about “what will they think?” You don’t need to “prove” yourself.  

You’ve already proven yourself. You know you have your own back. You already have the position or relationship because of your education or experience. Now is the time to recognize that you don’t need to be “doing” all the time and start showing up as your authentic, powerful, feminine selves and start “being” yourself. Offer yourself and your brilliant ideas because they add value to the world. Become known for “who” you are. You’re intelligent, powerful, and feminine.

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