How You Can Get What You Desire By Living Intentionally

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How You Can Get What You Desire By Living Intentionally

What do you deeply desire? Desire is to want, hunger, and crave. It can be for something you wish for or wish to happen, like a feeling, a thing, a way of doing something, or a way of being. It can be anything! Our desires motivate us. But many of us have not been taught to live into or want our desires (or even know them in the first place!) Society teaches us to be efficient, functional, practical, and rational. Not “be” too much or too fiery. I’d argue we’re even encouraged to play small. So, how do we get back to learning our desires and pursuing them?

How You Can Get What You Desire By Living Intentionally - Desire

What Lights You Up??

I want to ask you: What lights you up? What is it that you love, crave, and bring you joy? What feels like it could be “too much” if you really wanted to do or have what you’ve always wanted?

You see, before we can achieve or have what we desire, we need to be clear about it. When we know our “why,” it will lead and guide us to go after what is calling us. Because if we can’t get specific about what we’re after, how are we supposed to find it? When it comes to pursuing desires, the destination is just as vital as the journey.

Moving With Intention

Once we settle on our specific desires, we can create our intentions. An intention is a purpose and a motive for us to bring forth our desires. Intentions will lead to manifestations, which are a powerful component in helping women realize those aspirations they hold within. Once we get intentional, we send up a signal to the Universe and can manifest those specific cravings. Without intention, we’ll flounder, spinning our wheels instead of getting closer to our goals.

Clarify Our Desires   

To get specific in our desires and intentions, we first must create a mindset of openness to allow space for it to come into our life. An easy way to start this is by writing down our intentions. When I journal, I’m manifesting and have clarity around my desires. I create a sacred space by putting them on paper and realizing what I want. When we write down ideas, we can create rituals (link to post 1) around those intentions and use journaling as an opportunity to nail down what we truly want instead of letting them bumble around in our heads. Then our journal is there to reflect on, so we can maintain our course and see progress or pivot as needed.

Exercise in Practice

I got to a point in my life where I realized I desired more time so I could have energy, creativity, and “organic-ness.” So, I wrote it down and put it in my calendar. That helped reframe my mindset, and I could see that there IS enough time, and I plan for it. As a result, I’m happier and more grounded because of my creative time to “be.” I got clear about my desire, my “why” (to be more joyful and feel free), and could create my intention (to find time to embrace that desire.) By writing it down, I can develop a mindset that I’m worth it, I control my life and calendar, and as a result, I’ll get to experience what I want. It has helped me become a better person. I’m a stronger leader, healthier woman, more inspiring entrepreneur, and more loving wife. I have so many benefits that result.  

You’re the Priority

When we prioritize ourselves and our desires, making time and space to settle on our intentions, the result is the manifestation and realization that we’re creating transformation in our life. Women are wired for pleasure, but to honor our desires, we need to intend them. Otherwise, they’ll never manifest! We begin to feel unfulfilled and resentful when we don’t prioritize our needs, which trickles down and affects every other aspect of life. As I said above, honoring my desires and intentions has made me a better person for everyone involved in my life – it’s not selfish to get what you need. You get to want what you want, and you don’t need anyone’s permission for this. So be clear and intentional about what it is, and manifest it. 

As Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you.”

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