I guide women to elevate their feminine strength, unleash their gifts, and become themselves fully through the art of innate power, confidence, and awakening their potential. 

I Was Told I Would Never Make It…

When I was a just starting out in my first year of college, I had a professor who told me “You’ll never make it”.   

I was red-hot raging angry. On fiyah angry. 

Infuriated and fueled by fire, I poured my soul into my work, transforming my rage into a relentless drive for excellence and sought to prove him wrong. (I also went and cried in private for several days, too.) 

But that also ignited my long road to self-abandonment, sickness, stress and hiding feminine.

I had to relearn how to come home to myself as a woman and redefine success.  I had to slow down, turn inward to become the beautiful butterfly that soared.  

Fast forward to today, I’ve sculpted a life beyond the ordinary.  From the ashes of the fiery start, I’ve risen to create an amazing life, rich with travel, abundance and flow.

I’ve returned home to myself, embracing my divine feminine power while navigating my career in a male-dominated corporate world, to becoming an entrepreneur to serve women, and crafting a life of joy, love, pleasure, freedom, passion, purpose and power. 

I shattered so many limiting beliefs, created resilience, stood in my strengths and values, created vitality, cultivated a sovereign mindset, connected deeply to my intuition, learned to trust and practice radical self-love.

Now I’m turning my sights to you.  I have distilled years of hard-won wisdom into golden nuggets of mentorship, and I’m eager to guide other women at the speed of light through the maze of self-doubt and societal expectations to the other side of thriving.  

Each morning I greet the day surrounded by beauty, peace, freedom, palm trees and serene waters right outside of my doorstep, grateful for this life I consciously crafted.  It’s a daily reminder that when we dare to dream and defiantly pursue our passions, the Universe conspires to support us.  

I’m here to pass that torch of transformation on. Are you ready to receive it?  

Let’s chat and ignite the path to your dream life, unleashing your ripe, wild and fierce self.  Reach out for a heart to heart. https://calendly.com/susan-elizabeth/free-chat-15-minutes

Can’t wait to hear from you,



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