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I’m Really Pissed Off… (And what I did about it)

I’m writing to you today with a heart full of fire and a spirit that’s been ignited – not in the way we usually channel our power and passion to lift each other up, but because I’ve been triggered. 

Yes, darling, I said it – I’m downright pissed. 🔥 And why, you ask? 

I’ve been frustrated by a dermatologist injuring my face for my rosacea with a laser to decrease the redness… making it to puff up like a big puffer fish… causing pain and leaving laser burns in purple-red marks that I hope don’t leave scars.  My pissed-off-ness is leaving me to simmer in a mix of anger and frustration.

But here’s the kicker, my fierce warrior women: I’m choosing to sit with this fire within me. Because, let’s face it, being triggered is an uncomfortable yet unmistakable invitation to dive deep into our own souls. It’s not about the external noise; it’s a loud, clear call to introspect.

🌈Why am I sharing this with you, my powerful sisterhood? Because we all face these moments – times when our emotions boil over, not just from what’s happening around us but from the wounds, boundaries, and energies that demand our attention from within.

So, how do we rise from the ashes of our anger, not just unscathed but empowered, ready to lead with even more heart, soul, and unapologetic truth? 

Here are three fiery tips to transform anger into a force of healing and power:

1. Embrace the Heat🔥

First off, let’s not run from our triggers. Feel that heat? It’s not there to burn you down; it’s there lighting up what’s begging for your healing touch. Whether it’s a childhood scar or a boundary repeatedly trampled upon, it’s your signal to listen in. You’re not broken – you’re being shown where you’re growing.

2. Curiosity Over Condemnation💫

When the flames of anger rise, it’s easy to lash out or drown in resentment. But what if we chose curiosity instead? Ask yourself, “What’s really being triggered in me?” This isn’t about fault-finding but about understanding the deeper layers of your divine self. It’s about recognizing that if it triggers you, it’s a lesson about you, ready to be learned and loved.

3. Decide, Don’t Dwell🌟

Once you’ve sat with your anger, understood its roots, and embraced the growth it’s nudging you towards, it’s time to decide. With a heart cleansed by the fires of introspection, choose how you wish to address the source of your trigger – if at all. This decision comes from a place of clarity, not chaos, empowering you to act in alignment with your highest self.

🌟My Gorgeous, Powerful Queens, our journey is peppered with triggers, but each one is a steppingstone towards becoming untriggered. It’s in these moments of fiery trial we’re given the chance to redefine our strength, our boundaries, and our capacity to love ourselves through every season of our lives.

Time to turn our anger into action, our pain into power, and our triggers into transformative treasures. We’re not just surviving these flames; we’re learning to dance in them, leading with light, love, and a fierce determination to heal and thrive.

Until next time, keep your flame burning bright and your heart open wide. We’ve got worlds to change, and it starts with healing our own.

On Fiyah,

Susan 💖


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