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Making Room to Receive

In the busy-ness of deadlines, meetings, and professional growth, it’s easy to forget that success isn’t just about chasing; it’s also about attracting. 

It’s about clearing the mental clutter and making space – in our minds, hearts, and lives – to welcome new opportunities, relationships, and energies.  This is THE POWER OF SPACE.


Start with your surroundings. A clutter-free workspace isn’t just about cleanliness; it reflects a clear mind. Organize your desk, prioritize your tasks, and watch the magic unfold as clarity and efficiency follow suit.  Ladies, a powerful woman isn’t defined by chaos but her ability to create order and peace within it.

Now let’s talk about MENTAL REAL ESTATE

Our minds can be our biggest asset OR biggest obstacle. Shatter lingering doubts and negative self-talk. Replace them with affirmations, goals, and actionable plans. Create mental space by practicing mindfulness, allowing yourself to pause, breathe, and be present. It’s remarkable what ideas will land in a mind that’s prepared to nurture them.

Can we have a chat about EMOTIONAL AVAILABILITY

In the pursuit of our professional milestones, don’t sideline your emotional needs. Make room for relationships that matter. It’s okay to lean on a shoulder, indulge in heart-to-heart conversations, and share your vulnerabilities. Emotional strength stems from acknowledging your feelings, not suppressing them.


As leaders, cultivating a culture of openness and receptivity is paramount. Encourage feedback, value diverse opinions, and be willing to adapt. Leadership is not about having all the answers but about fostering an environment where answers can flourish from anyone and anywhere.

This week as you move forward, know that making room to receive is not about sitting idly, waiting for opportunities to drop onto your lap. 

It’s about intentionally creating space in your professional and personal life, allowing for unexpected wonders to find their way to you.

Stay powerful, stay amazing, and never stop making room for the incredible things you deserve.

With warmth and empowerment,



P.S. I love this quote:  “The most powerful position is the one of allowing, not the one of doing.” – Esther Hicks

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