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Reflecting on 2023… My Top Lessons

What a whirlwind 2023 has been! SO MUCH CHANGE in my life. And transformation.

I discovered an even deeper ocean of resilience within me, becoming intimate with its depths as life hurled its fiercest waves at me. 

From my parents’ health battles to relocating our lives for love and service, this resilience became my fiercest ally, guiding me through it all with a heart full of trust in my life.

On a quest for wellness, I ventured into the realms of healing, with finding balance for my hormones, better sleep and embracing the wisdom of my body as it recovered from surgery. This journey wasn’t just about recovery; it was a profound dialogue with the essence of vitality, receiving, healing and body wisdom.

Life, in its whimsical way, taught me the art of flexibility. Moving across the country with my husband, leaving a life, home and storied corporate career of over 33+ years and being the Queen Bee executive, to bloom fully in my coaching business – each a leap into the vast unknown, embraced with an open heart and an adventurous spirit. Big things to come in 2024 here to serve women more deeply.

But the real alchemy was in replacing fear with trust in every crevice of my existence. This wasn’t just a mental shift; it was a soulful revolution, leading with my intuition and a fierce belief in the future’s grace.

  • It’s about knowing somehow; it will all work out.  
  • It’s about not knowing “how” to do something but diving in headfirst because it “feels right” and later looking back saying, “so that’s how it happens”.   
  • And about the intuition I lean on when things get tough, and my mind wants to get in the way.  

As the new year has arrived, I extend an invitation to you: Reflect on your journey, set intentions ablaze, and step into 2024 with the full might of your own divine resilience and trust. Let’s not just live but thrive, making each moment a deliberate, luscious stride into our collective future.

With trust, intuition and excitement,



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