SusanElizabethCoaching - Sensuality: Has “It” Gone Missing in Your Life?

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Sensuality: Has “It” Gone Missing in Your Life?

SusanElizabethCoaching - Sensuality: Has “It” Gone Missing in Your Life?

We are constantly ‘on the go’ which has become the new norm for us as women. And it’s exhausting!   

But here’s the thing… Sensuality. It’s so important to reconnect with your inner sensuality and femininity. When you do, here are the benefits:

  • Increased creativity and joy in your life
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Passion and living in the moment
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • And… more self-awareness and confidence

Who wouldn’t want those? This newsletter is dedicated to helping you rediscover the sensuous goddess within you.

1. Indulge in Self-Care Rituals

Create a sanctuary for yourself where you can unwind and connect with your body. This could be as simple as a relaxing bath with essential oils, a self-massage with fragrant lotions, or a serene meditation or relaxation session. These rituals are not just acts of physical care but are pathways to honor and celebrate your body’s sensuality, which your mind and emotions are connected to.

2. Explore Expressive Movements

Your body is an instrument of expression. Engage in activities like dance, yoga, or even a leisurely walk in nature. These movements aren’t just physical exercises; they are expressions of your feminine energy and sensuality. Allow your body to move freely, embracing its natural rhythm and grace.

3. Live the Moment, Be Present and In Your Senses

The French taught me this and my French husband reminds me of this. In every “thing you do”, whether mundane or extraordinary, practice being fully present. This mindfulness brings a deeper appreciation for the simple pleasures of life, enhancing your sensual experiences. When you eat, savor each bite; when you listen to music, absorb every sound; when you touch, feel every texture; and when you smell a cup of coffee or gorgeous perfume, really take it in and let it take you where it takes you. 

Your Sensual Journey

Sensuality: It’s about deepening your connection with yourself and the world around you. It’s about living life more fully and more present with passion and pleasure in every moment. 

Embrace this journey with confidence, grace, and a sense of adventure. You are not just surviving; you are thriving in your divine feminine essence so take one action step this week to step more fully into your sensuality.  Your feminine will thank you.

Sensual and Empowered,



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