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Slow Mornings

How you start your day sets the tone for every hour that follows. 

For so many women, mornings typically kick off at a breakneck pace. I used to begin my day with 3 shots of espresso AND a cup of coffee just to get moving.  Talk about stress!

Yet, there’s a shift happening — the slow morning.

Why Slow Down?

Hustle is often our default, but carving out a slow morning is your act of rebellion – your time to prioritize you. 

It’s also an act of self-love.

Imagine starting your day – not with urgency – but with intention. Slow mornings aren’t about sluggishness; they’re about being mindful and purposeful, about aligning your actions with your inner needs. Your femme will thank you! 

When I finally learned how to do this, my life changed. I had more flow, ease, and wasn’t overwhelmed as much. I could get more done in less time, felt more organized and had more joy and peace.

What Does a Slow Morning Look Like?

It might mean turning off your phone to avoid emails and social media first thing. Perhaps it’s doing gentle yoga or stretching with a gratitude, or maybe it’s sipping coffee as sunlight fills your space. It’s about mindfulness—engaging in the present moment without the weight of the next item on your to-do list. It’s about doing something that genuinely feels good for you.

The Benefits Are Real

Emotional Balance: By adding mindfulness to your morning, you sidestep the autopilot mode that often leads to stress.

Soothing Your Nerves: A calm start reduces anxiety and helps you maintain emotional equilibrium throughout the day.

Boosting Creativity: Freeing your mind to wander in the morning can spark creativity, enhancing your problem-solving abilities throughout the day.

How to Cultivate a Slow Morning?

Even if you’re juggling a demanding schedule, a few minutes can make a significant difference. Start small. Here are some suggestions:

  • Meditate or STOP for five minutes.
  • Journal your thoughts or what you’re grateful for.
  • Stretch or do some light exercise to awaken your body gently.
  • Design your day, with putting time for YOU on your calendar each day.

What to Avoid?

Skip the negative self-talk and minimize early morning screen time to protect your mental health. This is about creating a morning that nourishes you, not one that depletes you.

I now wake without an alarm, and rarely schedule a meeting or call before 10 a.m. and ease into my day with grace.  I am more rested and feel so much better.

Each morning is a new opportunity to feed your soul and set a deliberate, joyful tone for the day.  So… reclaim your mornings, one slow moment at a time.

With all my love and encouragement,



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