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The Silent Impact of Burnout. 3 Things YOU Can Do.

Burnout is one of the top reasons so many women leave their jobs and quit their careers or transition away from the work they do.  They just can’t take it any longer, they’re not happy.

And it’s silent… it creeps up on us.

Burnout shows up as exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, reduced efficacy, distancing, even anger, physical illness, and negativity. It can show up physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In fact, in 2019, the World Health Organization officially recognized workplace burnout as an occupational circumstance caused by chronic work-related stress that has not been successfully managed.

And here is the thing…  taking a pause, a vacation, going to the gym or doing yoga, even listening to a meditation APP may not be enough.

So, what do we do about it?  

1.  In the “always on” culture, it’s important to turn “off”.  Especially as women!  We are not wired to constantly perform, deliver, achieve, and “do”.  Don’t get me wrong, we love to achieve, earn, and accomplish as high-value women.  The KEY is to have balance.  

  • So… go achieve.  Go earn, go accomplish.  
  • But plan for time to STOP.  Because your feminine wants you to and she will thank you.  Plan time to slow down, read a book, watch a great movie, walk outside, or whatever brings you joy in the slow moments.  Because when you do, you’ll feel better!

2.  Design your day.  If you don’t plan your day, you’ll be constantly running in all directions, changing directions continually causing you to lose focus and feel overwhelmed.  

  • Put yourself on your calendar in private appointments so you have time for breaks for yourself.
  • Plan your time in chunks each day.  Design time in for the doing of the to do list and projects or errands and chunk it.  Then, design blocks of time for the valuable thinking and deep creative “being” work that you were destined to do with your talents.

3.  Put yourself first.  This is the mindset part that so many of my clients struggle with.  

  • You are worthy of putting yourself first, not everyone else first, or your job first.  The more you value YOU and your time and your talents and what you came here to do, the better off you’ll feel and be available for your family, your career and your passions.  Then, you’ll be better able to “turn off” or design your day with ease.

Sending you love, peace and balance,



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