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Thriving in a Changing World by Embracing Both Power and Pleasure

We are often at the intersection of ambition and pleasure in this world of constant change. 

We strive for success in our careers, but we also crave moments of joy and self-indulgence. And guess what? It’s absolutely okay to desire both.

I recently found myself having a moment while wandering through Hermes, an upscale French design boutique, near where my husband and I live. 

It’s a place where the French luxury fashion meets the aspirations of ambitious women like us.

Every time I step into Hermes, I’m reminded of the duality we women often grapple with the balance between indulging in life’s luxuries and seeking a deeper, more meaningful existence. As I moved from one elegant display to another, I felt the harmonious blend of joy and the sheer delight of luxury and fulfillment, finding purpose in every choice.

Over the years, I’ve realized that a life filled with pleasure doesn’t detract from our power; it amplifies it. When we embrace what truly brings us joy, we not only enrich our own lives but also inspire those around us.

So, as we navigate this changing world, remember to cherish both our ambitions and our passions. When we give ourselves permission to seek pleasure in the material while also finding purpose in the intangible, life is so much more flowing and peaceful. 

After all, a life of pleasure and purpose is not just beautiful; it’s transformative.

To all the busy, career-driven women out there… you can thrive in both worlds. Embrace your power, indulge in your pleasures, and continue to shine brilliantly.

With pleasure and power,



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