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Unveiling a Secret Code

As we are living our lives, raising our families, pursuing our passions and leading in our careers, an invisible adversary plays a subtle yet profound role in our lives: cortisol, the stress hormone. 

Essential for our alertness and our body’s daily rhythms, cortisol becomes an enemy when its levels are constantly elevated when we are always under stress or not managing our stress, leading us into a downward spiral of stress without an apparent exit.

I had Stage 3 Adrenal Burnout after years of “working hard”, over-serving, over-giving and over-working and suffered immensely.  

But here’s the thing… Cortisol’s imbalance disturbs our peace, compelling us towards unhealthy cravings, disrupting our sleep, and hindering our body’s natural restoration processes. 

At night, when our bodies should be in deep recovery, high cortisol levels interfere, undermining our sleep quality, fat burning, and muscle repair. Yep, that 20 pounds you gained and can’t lose?  You can thank stress for triggering the constant cortisol floating around in our bodies.  

Yet, this battle isn’t insurmountable. The tools for reclaiming our equilibrium lie in the very choices we make daily, here are a few: 

  • Prioritizing rest and sleep. 
  • Prioritizing yourself and putting yourself FIRST on your calendar, daily.
  • Saying NO and having BOLD boundaries to others and crazy schedules.  
  • Saying NO to processed sugars, unhealthy fats, and environmental toxins that are the true culprits that elevate our cortisol levels beyond their welcome. 

It’s high time for a strategic retreat from these adversaries. By choosing whole foods over processed sugars and embracing a diet that nourishes rather than stresses our bodies, we initiate a powerful counterattack.  Couple that with prioritizing ourselves and our rest, we win.

This isn’t just about losing weight; it’s about winning back our energy, our peace of mind, and our inherent power.  That’s right, our innate power as women!

We CAN recalibrate our lives. Reducing cortisol isn’t merely a dietary adjustment; it’s a declaration of our commitment to self-care, to nights filled with restorative sleep, catapulting to more balance and success, and to days greeted with unwavering confidence and radiance.

We can saunter into a future where stress is managed with grace, where our health is radiant for our empowerment, and where every night’s rest is a step towards our ultimate life.

Want help?  I can guide you with this because I’ve slayed the stress dragon and can get you to a place where you feel amazing!   Book a chat here:  https://calendly.com/susan-elizabeth/free-chat-15-minutes



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