When I Started Speaking Up

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When I Started Speaking Up…

When I finally got tired of being ignored, passed over for another promotion, or not invited to have a seat at the table… I started speaking up…

…loud and clear.  Many didn’t expect this from me.

Her opinion doesn’t really matter.

She plays by the rules.

She’s the “woman” in the room.

But guess what? I don’t regret that evolution for a second. A voice requires courage, and sometimes, that voice needs to be heard because YOU matter… your thoughts and your emotions matter.

I’d rather be silenced yet remain vocal than lead a life of compromising myself.  I did that for too long.  Here’s the best news ever:  You get to determine the power of your voice.

But first, you have to have bravery to use your voice, your gifts and truly express yourself…

For the unheard opinions.

For the suppressed thoughts.

For the silent compromises.

When it comes to speaking out and using our voice, we all need to grant ourselves a little more courage.  And give ourselves a bigger permission slip.  

The definition of courage is also bravery, nerve, audacity, or my favorite… Strength in the face of pain or grief.

Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  That’s what we do as women, and we certainly do it for others.  Courage is defying the tendency to remain silent.  The present you is now more aware, courageous, and ready to take action… and she is ready to express her truth.

So, the next time you choose silence, be aware of what your mindset is and what you’re telling yourself.  Instead of remaining silent, think of using your voice as a way to express what you came here to do.  Think of it as something that energizes you, motivates you, and propels you towards the COURAGEOUS life of your dreams.

Where there is courage, your best life awaits.  I know this…

Courageously yours,



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