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You Have Choices!

“It is our choices… That show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” ~ J.K. Rowling

You Have Choices - Free

One very powerful way of living is knowing that we have CHOICES at any given moment. And we can make NEW CHOICES anytime we want.

Think of it… You are at this moment in your life because of all the choices you made up to this point to get you here.

Sometimes, we get information and choose to stay on our current path that either aligns with our deepest truth or we ignore it, and it may keep giving signals to change route. And we receive intuition that finally drives us to make other choices because we’re in so much pain or we’re so tired of it.

Other times, we mess up or do something we regret, and we have the powerful ability to make a You-Turn on that as well.

For instance, I needed a Do-Over when I FINALLY realized my mindset was not serving me with overwhelm, victim and hopelessness.

So, with my newfound awareness (and it took a while!), I did the choose again method and made a you-turn right there. I turned in a new direction to change my mindset to choose new thoughts that better served me.

I chose thoughts that felt better like:

  • “There is no hurry.”
  • “I’m totally capable of handling this.”
  • “I have a full life and I’m prioritizing what really  matters to me.”

The best thought was when I choose the thought that “they” cannot make me feel anything, I CHOOSE my thoughts that affect how I feel as a result.  

I had a Do-Over, or what I also call my mindset makeover, to quit living in overwhelm, exhaustion and victimhood.

But how do you do it? Well, first, it’s recognizing and being really honest with yourself that you can change directions. You are powerful! Either with your mindset or with a situation… or with someone.

Then, the next step is taking action that serves you.

You can completely recreate your life as you go forward with living in the power of choice and choosing a Do-Over or making a You-Turn. It’s up to you!

Until next time.

Sending you an abundance of love,

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